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News - O2 Sensor

M14 & M18 O2 Sensor Plugs

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We have a new size available in our range of O2 Sensor port Plugs. Along with the M18 x 1.5 version, which we have made and stocked for many years now; we have added an M14 x 1.5 version to suit the newer varieties of O2 sensors being made available on the market today.

Part numbers:

806-M14-S....M14 x 1.5 Plug

806-M18-S....M18 x 1.5 Plug

Speedflow also have the weld bungs for the O2 Sensors, make sure to check out the previous story.

M14 Weld Bungs for O2 Sensors

M14 O2 Sensors are becoming more popular and readily available, and because they have a smaller thread it makes them more compact to fit in tighter spaces in custom vehicles!  Speedflow now have available, M14 O2 sensor weld bungs in Steel and Stainless Steel to make it easier for fabricators to install on exhaust systems for [...]

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